The fact that makes markets move in various different ways keeps it also open for many decent considerations, which undeniably can lead to analyzing the rates and selecting a particular choice. This however, denies also the straight line as a possible path, as only cycles and waves are the constant figure that applies to this sector.

Whether it would be different assets involved in this or rather an actual market trend which is going to expand the current ratio, prevents the further examination of data that cannot state otherwise as it already have been. Many followers of such approach can still perceive this as a good opportunity for practicing some of the alternative theories, yet with a constant level of retracement, identifying the positions will make it go more smoothly.

Levels of retracement and their importance

In fact, those are available upon using the Fibonacci tool, where several of them can be distinguished as most visible. There would retracement levels located at 38,2%, 50% and 61,8%, all of which build up the rates of an actual database, where those positions can be found during a stable analysis.

The most plausible thing to do right now, would be just splitting the entries and finding the corrective wave, while buying any call options that are trending at those exact levels. This way the current progress will not be lost and it provides significant improvement for a profitable occasion.